Leash Law

The City of Glenpool leash law states that no dog or cat can be off its owner's property unless the dog is under leash or at heel or the cat is in the physical control of its owner.

Consequence of Broken Leash Laws

A dog/cat-at-large may be picked up by an Animal Control Officer and impounded at our facility or returned to the owner if the dog/cat has a current license tag or other identification. The owner may also be issued a dog/cat-at-large citation and be fined. Citations may require a court appearance.

Is My Pet Impounded

If your dog or cat is wearing a pet tag, we will contact you and let you know it was impounded. If your dog or cat is not licensed, the best way to find out if your animal has been impounded is to visit our website under Adoptions. Try to search the website daily because animals are impounded every day. Impound, boarding and license fees will be charged to reclaim your animal.

Animal Redemption Fees

Type of Fee
City License Fee: If Animal is Spayed / Neutered
City License Fee: If Animal is Unaltered
Daily Fee
Dog/Cat at Large Citation
Impoundment Fee: Animals Over 15 Pounds
Impoundment Fee: Animals Under 15 Pounds
Rabies Vaccination Fee if Not Current by Licensed Veterinarian
Market Rate ($12-21)
Sterilization Deposit if Animal is Not Spayed / Neutered