Dog & Cat Licensing

City Ordinance requires all dogs and cats four months and older to be licensed annually and have a current rabies vaccination.

Reasons to License Your Pet

The most important reasons to license your dog or cat are:

  • A current license is proof of rabies vaccination and shows your dog or cat is protected from rabies.
  • A lost dog or cat with a license tag has a better chance of being returned to its owner.

City License Fee

Type of Cat or Dog

How To License Your Pet

If your dog or cat is vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian, you can take the signed vaccination certificate to the Glenpool Police Department to purchase a license from Animal Control.

A license is valid for one year from the month of the most recent rabies vaccination.

Lost Tags

If your dog or cat loses its license tags, a new license can be purchased for a small fee.