Animal Control

Animal Control is dedicated to protecting the citizens of the City of Glenpool from rabies and reducing the incidence of animal-inflicted injuries by promoting responsible pet ownership through public education and the enforcement of animal control laws.


Animal Control has many responsibilities including:

  • Investigating and follow-up of animal-inflicted injuries.
  • Observing and examining impounded animals for rabies.
  • Enforcing leash laws and other animal control ordinances.
  • Capturing and impounding stray animals.
  • Promoting the adoption of animals or providing for the humane disposal of unwanted stray animals.
  • Selling dog and cat licenses as required by law.
  • Investigating animal cruelty, vicious animal, and nuisance animal complaints.


The Glenpool Animal Control Officer positions are held by two full-time officers, allowing seven-day-a-week coverage city-wide. The Animal Control Officers can be contacted through the Police Department at 918-322-8110.

                               Animal Control Officers Michelle Stonecypher and Jess Spence