Animal-Inflicted Injuries

More than several hundred animal-inflicted injuries are reported to Animal Control every year. Most of these injuries are caused by dog and cat bites.

How to Report an Animal-Inflicted Injury

Animal-inflicted injuries should be reported immediately. If the injury occurs in the City of Glenpool, call Animal Control at 918-322-8110. If the injury occurs outside the city limits of Glenpool, report the injury to the local authority. If possible, confine the animal first and then call the appropriate number. Tell the person answering the phone where the animal is. Try to describe the breed, size, color or any distinct markings on the animal, where it may live, and if it's wearing a collar or tags. An Animal Control Officer will be dispatched to your location to complete an animal bite report.

Consequence of an Animal That Causes Injuries

The animal is impounded and observed, or sent to the lab for rabies virus testing. It will be impounded at our facility or it may be impounded at an approved veterinary hospital at the owner's expense.