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Public Record Access Request

  1. State Law Compliance
    Note: All requests for access to public records may be referred to the City Attorney to ensure compliance with state law.
  2. Request Time
    The City reserves a minimum of three business days (24 working hours) in which to comply with this request, in order to allow sufficient time for retrieval, printing, copying and/or arrangements for inspection, as applicable, and assessment of applicable charges, without disrupting the essential functions of City staff.
  3. Cost
    Costs for copies are $0.25 per page for 8 ½” x 14” or smaller, or $1.00 per page for certified copies. Requests for copy or inspection of public records that require more than one hour of staff time for retrieval, compilation and/or monitoring of the inspection process may result in the imposition of a search fee equivalent to $15 per hour.
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  5. This request is for:
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      1. Title/Date/Other Identifying Information
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      3. Title/Date/Other Identifying Information
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      5. Title/Date/Other Identifying Information
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      7. Copies Only
        Please note that, in cases where only copies of records are available, inspection will be waived and you will be charged the appropriate copying charges only.
      8. Copies Need to be Certified as True and Correct
      9. This request is made for:
      10. I have been advised that a charge for copying public records is, and a reasonable fee to recover the direct cost of record search may be, authorized by State law and have been established by the City of Glenpool, as applicable.
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