Fire Training Program

Top Quality Protection

The Glenpool Fire Training Program provides high quality training and education to meet its operational objectives. The desire is to facilitate professional and personal excellence, enhance organizational effectiveness, and contribute to the current and future success of the Glenpool Fire Department and the Glenpool Community. 

This mission is fundamental to achieving the training goal of: "Develop and enhance a training program that emphasizes quality training for fire department personnel consistent with established levels of service, toward our fire service goal of life safety, incident stabilization, and property conservation."

Organizational Values

  • Provide standard and performance based training.
  • Provide volunteer-friendly training opportunities.
  • Provide recognition of accomplishments.
  • Assure strong training support by career staff.
  • Provide training consistent with the level-of-service.
  • Provide a safe working environment.

Future Direction

  • Fire ground training will be provided at the fire training facility located at the new public safety building, examples include:
    • Apparatus Pump Operations
    • Confined Space Rescue
    • Firefighter I and II Training
    • High Angle Rope Rescue
    • High Rise Operations
    • Search and Rescue Training
    • Truck Company Operations
  • A comprehensive Fire Officer and EMS training program will be developed and maintained; all programs will be accredited.
  • Training will be provided to members in a combination of methods using various scheduled drill times.
  • Additional health and safety programs will be developed and adopted by the department. Training for these programs will be integrated into the daily shift training schedule.

"In all we do, we strive to do with excellence, every firefighter, every day, and every alarm."

Fire truck