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Glenpool is a thriving community just south of Tulsa. U.S. Highway 75 runs through Glenpool, carrying more than 40,000 vehicles daily through our city.

Contact Planning Department

Have a question for the City Planner? You can call the city offices at 918-209-4617.

You can also use our online contact form.

Competitive Bidding

Questions regarding the competitive bidding process should be directed to David Agbetunsin by calling 918-209-4613 or using the contact us form.

Stormwater Management

The City of Glenpool is responsible for maintaining the water quality of streams, creeks, and rivers inside the city limits. The Federal Clean Water Act mandates that each city or town have a program to eliminate pollution entering the local watershed. Glenpool has established a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (SWP3) that includes Stormwater Ordinance 711, prohibiting any discharge other than stormwater into the storm sewer system.

Part of the program asks property owners to help monitor what they observe going into the storm sewers, and to report any discharge of grass, mud, oil, grease, or other chemicals into the storm sewer. This can be done anonymously, by filling out an incident report and forwarding that report to the Stormwater Administrator.

More information coming soon. (2022-23)

The Glenpool Stormwater Administrator is Carl Prescott. 


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