Glenpool History

Making Tulsa Famous

Glenpool has been known as “The Town that made Tulsa Famous” because of the 1905 discovery of oil on the land of Ida E. Glenn. The resulting oil boom at the Glenn Pool made Tulsa the “Oil Capital of the World.”

Glenn Pool oil field 3

A Timeline of Discovery & Opportunity

  1. 1901
  2. 1905
  3. 1906
  4. 1907
  5. 1908

Robert Galbreath comes to the Creek Nation, Indian Territory, searching for oil. Local histories name July 3, 1901, as the date he visited Creek Indian Ida E Glenn's farm and allotment. There, her husband Roger showed Galbreath some oil-stained limestone. A bit of investigation showed the promise of oil and an informal pact was born to drill a test well when federal restrictions permitted it.

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The same entrepreneurial spirit that drove the early growth of the Glenn Pool and later Glenpool communities still thrives in Glenpool today. The town welcomes new businesses and residents and strives to provide an excellent quality-of-life to its citizens. More information on moving to Glenpool is available on this site as well as information for those interested in locating a business in Glenpool.

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