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Inside the City limits of Glenpool, the sales tax is 9.967% as of 7/1/16.  Of this, Tulsa County receives .917%, the State of Oklahoma receives 4.5%, and the City of Glenpool receives 4.55%. 

The City of Glenpool has four major tax categories, which collectively provide 82.49% of the budgeted revenue.  Sales tax at 4% (3% to general fund and 1% to capital fund), Use tax is 4%, Franchise tax and Hotel/Motel tax is 5%. 

The City of Glenpool does not receive any property taxes.  The property taxes are distributed amongst the County and School District entities (Millage Breakdown).  The Tulsa County Assessor’s Office has more information regarding Glenpool property taxes, including a tax estimate calculator.  This information can be found on their website: 

-Continue to check back periodically to view the latest quarterly tax revenue reports.